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WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange arrested by London police

The WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange was arrested yesterday in London to face a charge in the United States of conspiring to hack into a Pentagon computer network in 2010, bringing to an abrupt end a seven-year saga in which he had holed up in Ecuador’s embassy in Britain to avoid capture. The Ecuadorean government suspended the citizenship it had granted Mr. Assange and evicted him yesterday, clearing the way for his arrest.

At a court hearing, a judge swiftly found him guilty of jumping bail, and he was detained partly in connection with an American extradition warrant. Mr. Assange indicated that he would fight extradition, and legal experts said that process could take years.

Mr. Assange’s arrest brought to head long-simmering tensions that have raised profound First Amendment press freedom issues. Mr. Assange has been in the sights of the United States government since his organization began publishing Ms. Manning’s leaks in 2010, bringing to light many secrets vaulting WikiLeaks to fame.

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