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World should thank us for efforts to end terrorism: Pakistan

In a county where a globally-recognised terrorist is permitted to have his representatives contest in elections, there is also a strong desire for appreciation for apparent efforts to end terrorism. This was amply clear from a speech made by the spokesperson of Pakistan’s army in the UK where he said his country had toiled hard in the battle against terrorists.

Major General Asif Ghafor, chief of Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR) said during a lecture at the University of Warwick that his country is playing a significant role in ensuring peace and security in the sub-continent and in the world. “The world should thank Pakistan for its contribution to eliminating terrorism,” he was quoted as saying by Dawn.

He would go on to highlight how the country’s army had made sacrifices to keep terrorists at bay. Pakistan has repeatedly attempted to show the world that it has waged a massive war and one that has come at a tremendous cost.

There is no explanation though about why it continues to arm and train terrorists targeting India, why US-designated terrorist Hafiz Saeed is allowed to open a political front or why the Haqqani Network continues to exist despite the US repeatedly warning Islamabad to crack down on home-grown terrorists. There is also a constant fear that the country’s nuclear installations can fall to terrorists.

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