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World War 1 grenade found among potatoes at snack factory in Hong Kong

A German World War I hand grenade has been found in Hong Kong among a shipment of French potatoes imported for a snacks factory. The Hong Kong Police said, the device was safely detonated after it was discovered at the Calbee snacks factory yesterday. The police said, the grenade was in an unstable condition as it was previously discharged but had failed to detonate.

Military historian at the Hong Kong University, Dave Macri told media, the grenade was likely to have been left behind, dropped by soldiers during World War I, or left there after it was thrown and accidentally gathered up with potatoes planted a century later. Unexploded wartime bombs or grenades are frequently found in Hong Kong, as the then-British colony was heavily bombed by US and allied forces after the city fell to the Japanese imperial forces in 1941.

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