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Actor Dileep Arrest was created a sensation in Kerala state and  he was sent to jail. The Kerala Artist Association was sacked Dileep .  Dileep was a super star in malayalam film industry he has acted so far 130 films. Dileep joined in the film industry as an assistant director then turned as artist .He is also a singer and producer. Dileep was married his co star Manju in 1998 both have blessed with daughter Meenakshi. In 2014 filed  for divorce and  the court has sanctioned.         

After divorce Dileep was marry Kavya Madhavan who was his close friend earlier.   Bhavana is his co star and acted many films .She knows Dileep wife Manju. Bhavana told Manju Kavya affair.            

After some days Manju went for diverse. After knowing the fact Dileep wanted to  take revenge on Bhavana. He contacted some person who is agreed for 1.5 crore and he kidnapped Bhavana  and took nude photographs. At last the police arrested Kidnapper and interrogated then arrested. Artist Dileep.

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