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Zika virus detected in second Indian state, Gujarat

A rampant outbreak of the Zika virus in India has spread to a second state, health officials have revealed. Nearly 150 people have caught the virus in Rajasthan since the start of October, according to local statistics. But now authorities have detected Zika in a woman in Gujarat, which borders the state at the centre of the cases.

The patient, whose identity has been withheld, was treated at a state hospital in the capital Ahmedabad.  The state health department has rallied hundreds of doctors and medical personnel to perform emergency screenings for Zika. This includes more than 250 pregnant women with fevers. ‘Only one case has been found so far. We are taking all precautions,’ said Gujarat Commissioner of Health, Jayanti Ravi.

Gujarat, which borders Rajasthan to the south, has been fumigating public areas in an effort to kill the mosquitoes that carry the diseases. Health authorities in Rajasthan have detected 147 cases of the Zika virus since September, officials say. Almost 440,000 people were under surveillance in Rajasthan’s capital Jaipur last month.

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