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Zuckerberg warned Facebook investors…

Social networking site Facebook has warned its investors that in the future, more such incidents like data leaks can occur, for which they should be prepared for the first time. Facebook has provided this information in the report of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. Facebook has warned that if such incidents occur then the site may have to bear its brunt.

Facebook has said in the report that the company is taking all possible steps to protect the data. In addition, it is also spending huge amount of money for content review. Which prevented the misuse of the data. Facebook has also said that the company is endeavoring on its behalf, but such activities are being exposed by the media and third parties.

Facebook has alerted its investors and said that in the future, data leak-like incidents can be revealed. Users’ data may be misinterpreted for campaign campaigns, spreading false information, and advertisements. Such incidents will reduce the confidence of Facebook from the users and the brand value will fall. It can also affect its business.

The company has said in the report that incidents of misuse of data may increase our legal problems and there is also a possibility of financial loss due to the penalty. However, in its report, Facebook did not name Crabbys Anilika anywhere.

Recently, when American senators were showering questions on Zuckerberg, at the same time a MP asked him whether your personal data was also leaked in the case of Cambridge Anilica? In response, Zuckerberg said – ‘Yes’ Along with this yes, he confirmed the fact that his data has also reached Cambridge Analycia.

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